Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Board Member Workshops 2015

The past couple of weeks the KASB Leadership Services team has been on the road working with new school boards.  Stops at Manhattan, Oakley, and Sublette the last week of April and this past week at Clearwater and Greenbush.  Nearly 400 people have attended the sessions that included many administrators and mentor board members.  The topics revolve around the seven powers of a school board. 

The seven powers are really the learning objectives for the day.  Understanding these important powers allows each board to move school districts forward.

Gary Sechrist shares the importance of building a “positive” board culture.  He shares and explains the governance clock to help new board members understand the role of the board in leading the school district.  Discussions on trust, communication and teamwork help new board members understand the importance of building relationships and focusing on leadership. 

Dr. Brian Jordan presents information to new board members about the focus of leadership and student success.  Achievement drive the conversations and all attendees have departed with a better understanding of how boards help student and district graduate students ready for careers or college.

We start back up again this weekend in Hays and conclude the workshops in Topeka on June 20.  School district leaders have commented that it is a great day to learn and share ideas with other committed educational leaders.


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