Wednesday, August 5, 2015


KASB has been hosting new board leadership workshops this week.  New board presidents and vice-presidents have been learning about the important role they play in conducting a highly focused and productive board meeting.  Many great questions related to procedures and operating principles have been shared and discussed.  Most of the questions evolve around these simple guidelines so we thought it would be appropriate to share with all board members to provide a quick refresher.


  • Analyze your board agenda items.
    • Consent agenda for routine items?  
    • Notation for each item with expectations and recommendations from the 
    • Is there a place for public comment on the agenda?  
  • Do you start the meeting on time?
  • Is it evident that all board members are prepared?  Board packets are opened and read before the meeting.
  • Is there a high trust level with employees?  Use administrative/staff reports as an opportunity to ask questions and become more informed; treating all of employees as professionals.
  • How would an outsider rate the performance (behavior) of the board?
  • Are there agenda items that should be handled administratively?  Is the board micromanaging?
  • Is the president running the meeting effectively? Is the board focused on the district vision and mission?
  • Are you prepared for conflict that may surface?  There could be a “surprise”.
  • Are there items that surface under “hidden agendas”? Another “surprise”?
  • Do you clearly identify time limits to groups making presentations?
  • Do board members ask questions in the meeting that should have been addressed prior to the meeting?
  • Do all members feel they are valued and contributing to the board?