Thursday, April 23, 2015


Good Board Members Do:

·      Recognize that their responsibility is not to run the schools, but to see that they are run well.

·      Work through the properly appointed administrative officers according to the organization as planned.

·      Function as part of a policy-forming and control board rather than as part of the administrative team.

·      Refer, as far as possible, all complaints and requests to the appropriate administrative officer.

·      Familiarize themselves in a broad and non-technical manner with the problems of the school system.

·      Try to interpret to the superintendent the attitudes, wishes, and needs of the people of the district and try to interpret to the people the needs, problems and progress of the schools.

·      Voice opinions frankly in board meetings and vote for what seems best for all children of the district.

·      Recognize fully that the appropriate administrative officer is entirely responsible for carrying out a particular policy in accordance with state law and local regulations.

·      Help to frame policies and plans only after considering the recommendations of the appropriate administrative officer, together with his/her reasons for making such recommendations.

·      Require oral and written reports that are requested through the administration for the purpose of keeping the board properly informed on school matters.

·      Give all school officials authority in keeping with their responsibilities.  Vote only for the best-trained technical and professional employees who have been properly recommended by the superintendent.

·      Visit the schools to gain clearer understanding of school problems, but not to interfere in the day-by-day administration of the schools.     

·      Establish criteria for evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the superintendent.

·      Present personal criticism of school employees only to the appropriate administrative officer.

·      Support and protect school officials in the performance of their duties.

·      Give friendly counsel and advice to administrative officers.

·      Be always mindful that the KEY WORK of the school board with the leadership of the superintendent is to improve student achievement.

Good Board Members Do Not:

·      Interfere with the day-by-day routine of school administration and supervision.

·      Refuse to support worthwhile school programs because of personal reasons.

·      Show favoritism to relatives or friends.

·      Make promises and commitments before the questions are fully discussed in the board meetings.

·      Join a clique to control board activity.

·      Use board membership for political or business advancement for themselves, their family or friends.

·      Surprise the appropriate administrative officers in school board meetings.

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