Monday, February 4, 2013

The Push is on...Which evaluation system will we select?

As Dr. Moeckel indicated in an earlier post it is going to be another busy week around the state for leadership services.  Far and away the most pressing thing that I am supporting districts with right now is, "Which direction do we go with our evaluation system?"  In the past two months, I have been involved with at least 20 different sessions discussing evaluation.  In total we have discussed quality evaluation with over 500 educational leaders from around the state.  These educational leaders range from teachers and principals all the way up to KSDE personnel and board members.  The key take away from each of these sessions is that evaluation has one sole purpose, Improve the Quality of Instruction, which in turn will impact your levels of student achievement.  As we have shared with groups, quality evaluation should look like what we do with students within the MTSS/RtI process.  Establish expected outcomes, screen/evaluate where people are on their progress towards those expected outcomes, and then support the process of getting them to achieving ever higher levels of performance.  In a sense, quality evaluation is, "formative evaluation," using the data  from the evaluation process to drive improvements in the classroom and throughout the system.  So as the March 1 date draws ever closer, remember these principles as you select the evaluation system for your district.  KASB is committed to supporting you and your district through the process.  I have also linked FAQ regarding evaluation, these were compiled by KSDE.


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