Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The summer months are coming to a swift conclusion.   The month of July may seem like a slow period to the average patron.  Most are not aware of the importance of the period between the conclusion of school and the beginning of school for students and staff.   Your district patrons in an attempt to be polite ask repeatedly of your board office staff, “What do you do in the summer?” 
Let’s attempt to answer that question.  The budget has been scrutinized and created.  Your superintendent has traveled to Topeka to have the proposed budget reviewed by the budget experts at KSDE.  Special board meetings are being scheduled to review the budget.  You are preparing for your budget hearing and eventually the district’s budgets are submitted to the county clerk. 
Many of your principals are frantically attempting to hire new staff.  The special education cooperatives are desperately trying to fill their classified positions. New board members have started their service, new board presidents have been placed, and new superintendents are beginning their tenure in your district.  New board of education clerks have started and are learning the position on the fly.
In the midst of the summer chaos, your district office staff is attempting to get contracts and work agreements produced and mailed for signatures.   They are trying to make sense of the changes in your health insurance so they can be the resident experts to answer your employee’s questions.
How can KASB assist your board members and district office staff with their important tasks?  The KASB Leadership staff has been busy this summer by assisting with eight new board member workshops, conducting two new board clerk trainings, numerous whole board trainings, principal evaluation trainings, numerous short term goal and expectations meetings with new superintendents and local boards.  Board leader workshops are planned the first week of August.   These workshops and trainings are designed to assist you no matter your job title.

What did you do this summer? 

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