Thursday, October 31, 2013

Update: KASB Leadership Services

Wow, it seems like it has been a long time since we sat down and worked on our blog.  There is a lot of new information for board members to share and many thought provoking discussions ahead.  

We have just finished a three week tour of the KASB regions.  Just under 400 hundred people came together around the state to discuss current educational issues.  Part of each session was devoted to new board members and although the total number of participates in New Board Member Workshop II was not as high as we would like, the new board members that attended took part in some fantastic discussions.

It has also been a year of transition.  The Leadership Services has added Gary Sechrist as a field consultant and he has been on the road.  Gary plans to attend as many area service centers meetings as possible so superintendents will have a chance to visit directly with KASB and share concerns or issues face to face.  We think that will help improve our services and provide better support for the onsite services we offer.

Many people might find this hard to believe but KASB has already conducted over 60 whole board trainings just since July.  We met with 18 boards just in the month of August and we have 13 more scheduled in November.  All of the sessions are designed based on the needs of the district.  Many of the trainings were about boardsmanship and teamwork as boards were learning to blend their new members with experienced members.  Another common topic has been planning and goal setting.

The superintendent search season is underway and already several openings are posted on our website.  These searches take us to all regions of the state in an effort to try and match superintendent candidates with districts’ needs and desires.  To kick off the search season we hosted our annual aspiring superintendents workshop here at KASB.  We were excited to visit with twenty six outstanding men and women that are focused on educational leadership and want to make a difference for Kansas students.

Coming up this Fall and Winter we have several events that can assist you and/or your board with their leadership efforts.  Please visit our KASB website to find out more information,
Just a reminder about New Board Member Workshop III which is held in conjunction with the KASB Annual Convention.  This year it is in Wichita so we anticipate see many new board members in attendance.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the free pass and make sure each board in Kansas has someone at this year’s activities.

The Leadership services department attempts to provide valuable information on a timely basis for superintendents and boards.  The leadership team is providing a regular blog and podcast that we hope you make part of your routine to learn more about our services.  We hope these social media methods give you the opportunity to listen and read when your time allows.  

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