Friday, May 3, 2013

New Board Member Workshops, State Tour 2013

As many of you know we have been traveling around the Kansas working with newly elected board members.  We went to Garden City, Oakley, Beloit, and  Kansas City the first week.  Last week we were at Greenbush, Clearwater, and Topeka.  It goes without saying we have met a lot of great people that are interested in public education.  We, Dr. Moeckel and Dr. Jordan spend our time focused on developing boardsmanship and learning about student achievement.  Other topics include advocacy, policy, legal, and finance.

We have had lots of positive feedback and generated many great discussions.  The range of questions is always fun and this year we have add several “case studies” throughout the day that increase participation and create many teachable moments.

These events have started the process of developing a high performing school board team.  New board members have been able to draw from the experiences of mentor board members and their superintendent, to give them confidence to take on their new role as a board member.  The next step for school boards is to blend the new board members’ perceptions and beliefs into the vision and goals currently established with the existing board.  This is an important step that has to occur soon after the new board members come on July 1.  KASB is always available to work with boards as they go through this team building process.  

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